Juventus still a work in progress but no need to overreact to Barca defeat

Steve Nicol says Gonzalo Higuain didn’t receive enough support from his teammates to be effective against Barcelona on Tuesday.

The ESPN FC crew join SportsCenter to delve into Barcelona’s 3-0 defeat over Juventus in UEFA Champions League Group D action.

After their opening-round loss to Barca, the FC panel place part of the blame on Dybala’s lacklustre showing for Juventus.

Barcelona and Lionel Messi dealt swift justice to the team that knocked them out of last year’s competition.
Fabio Capello tells a story about a conversation he had with Frank Rijkaard at the Camp Nou in 2005. Capello was in charge of Juventus at the time and they were in Catalunya at Barcelona’s invitation to play the annual Gamper Trophy match. A teenage Lionel Messi had given Juventus the runaround and made a big impression on “Don Fabio”. 

“During the game I asked Frank if I could take him on loan. I had seen Messi play for Argentina at youth level and he looked to me like a promising player….

The original version of this story which was published by ESPN can be viewed here.

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