Dries Mertens: I’ll give old friend Gonzalo Higuain slap round the face

Dries Mertens has a light-hearted warning for his old colleague Gonzalo Higuain.
Dries Mertens has joked that he intends to give Gonzalo Higuain a “slap round the face” when Napoli meet Juventus this weekend.
Mertens and Higuain are close friends from their days as colleagues in Naples, but the Blegium winger said that would be put to one side as Napoli attempt to narrow the gap on the league leaders.
“I’ll give him a slap round the face,” he told Mediaset television after scoring in Napoli’s 2-0 win over Empoli on Wednesday.
“There is no such thing as friends on the field….

The original version of this story which was published by ESPN can be viewed here.

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