Diego Maradona balks at tax amnesty bill: I owe nothing to Italy

Diego Maradona spoke about Francesco Totti’s admirable impact on the game, and the influence he has had on world football.

Diego Maradona and Sebastian Veron argued when leaving the pitch for halftime during the Match for Peace.

Diego Maradona confronts former Man United midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron during the Pope-organised Match of Peace.
Argentina legend Diego Maradona has said that he “owes nothing to anyone,” and reiterated that he has no plans to pay the €40 million the Italian government claims he owes in back-taxes.
The former Napoli star was accused of having defamed the former president of Equitalia — the department responsible for collecting taxes in Italy — in remarks he made in 2012, when he claimed he was being mistreated by the Italian authorities.
The Italian government is considering legislation that would…

The original version of this story which was published by ESPN can be viewed here.

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