Carlos Tevez denies rumours he will seek transfer from Boca Juniors

Ecuador’s Independiente del Valle upset Boca to make the Copa Libertadores final

Boca Juniors forward Carlos Tevez on Monday laid to rest reports that linked him to West Ham, Napoli or Corinthians after the Argentina Primera Division club were eliminated in the Copa Libertadores semifinal, saying “my goal is to retire at Boca.”

Tevez had reportedly demanded £250,000 a week to rejoin Premier League side West Ham United from Boca Juniors. Last week he was also linked to both Napoli and Inter Milan along with a third report that insisted he would return to Brazil side Corinthians.

The former Argentina striker joined West Ham in 2006 along with Javier Mascherano from Brazilian club Corinthians, before moving to Manchester United on a two-year loan deal after just one season.

He won back-to-back league titles and was a Champions League winner before joining crosstown rivals Manchester City where he won a third league title in the 2011-12 season.

Tevez went on to ply his trade in the Serie A with Juventus in 2013, and won consecutive league titles, and then opting to rejoin his boyhood club Boca.

“Obviously I am going to continue at Boca, everything that has been rumoured since the end of the [Copa Libertadores] match is just that, rumours,” Tevez told reporters who asked him about a possible transfer and even about potential retirement from football after he began the news conference by saying that he was going to “dedicate himself to pro golf.”

After winning a league and cup double in Italy with Juventus earlier this year, Carlos Tevez has just achieved the same feat at Boca Juniors in Argentina. Carlos Tevez has said he will not leave Boca Juniors.

Tevez insisted that no amount of money would make him change his mind. West Ham co-owner David Sullivan insinuated last week that Tevez bristled at the first offer the club made, implying that it wasn’t enough.

“I am going to stay at Boca, even if Napoli or Chelsea come in with offers,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who comes in [with offers], I am going to stay at Boca, I am not going anywhere. I am going to fight alongside my teammates to try to do what is best for Boca.”

Independiente del Valle eliminated Boca in the Copa Libertadores semifinal and Tevez confirmed that he asked for a rest afterward.

“When you get hit hard like that with the Libertadores elimination, as a fan and as a player, you have to take a rest to get ready to go again,” he said. “I wasn’t feeling right and the proper thing to do was to step aside and get my head straight to return stronger.”

He said his heart was with his boyhood club despite the semifinal disappointment.

“I am here, trying to do the best for my club, my idea has always been to retire at Boca, no matter what happens,” he said. “I am a point of reference and all the kids look up to me. And it is important to always be doing well, to not show weakness and to set an example. I think that one, even with their successes and mistakes, always tries to do what is best for the club.”

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