Gonzalo Higuain set to stay as Napoli reject talks with Juventus

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol discusses possible transfers of Gonzalo Higuain and Joe Allen, as well as Arsenal’s missed chance.

Napoli have told Juventus that they do not intend to open any negotiations over the sale of Gonzalo Higuain this summer, according to the Azzurri‘s president.

Aurelio De Laurentiis met with Juventus’ general manager Beppe Marotta at a meeting of the Lega Serie A in Milan on Monday, but the brief encounter was long enough only for him to tell the Bianconeri they were wasting their time trying to negotiate a deal for Higuain.

The Argentina forward has a clause in his contract enabling him to leave if a bid of €94.7 million is received, and De Laurentiis told Juve that if they are not willing to match that figure, they are only wasting their time.

“No club so far have put on the table the amount of money in his release clause, and not even Higuain has said anything to me,” De Laurentiis told reporters in Milan, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport. “All the rubbish I’ve seen written does is hurt out fans.”

The Napoli president is refusing to budge over Higuain’s valuation and he hopes Juve will not even try to test him either.

“Juve are very intelligent and they understand that they cannot make this mistake,” he said. “They know full well that it’s a lost cause and that [by trying to negotiate] they would become an extremely unpleasant club.

“I’m convinced that Juve have a certain degree of class and they are not going to disturb us.

“I asked Marotta: ‘Are you going to pay the clause?’ and he replied ‘We’re not even thinking about it.'”

The 28-year-old, who scored 36 goals in Serie A last season, is therefore expected to report for training with Napoli on July 25.

De Laurentiis also rubbished reports that Juventus’ Roberto Pereyra could be included as part of any potential deal.

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