​Mario Balotelli, now back at Liverpool after a loan spell with AC Milan, has spoken about his relationship with various club presidents and managers. 

The controversial forward has worked with the likes of Roberto Mancini, Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers, and while being mostly complimentary about the first two, the Italian did not have much to say about his former manager at Liverpool other than the fact that they had a poor relationship. 

Talking to Corriere della Sera, as quoted by ​JOE, Balotelli said: “A fight with Roberto Mancini at Manchester City? I was 19 years old and after a tackle on a team-mate he pushed me, saying I could’ve hurt the player. That’s it. That happened on the Friday, on the Sunday I was in the starting XI.

“Jose Mourinho liked to put on a show, but he cared for me. He actually enjoyed riling me up because he thought I’d give more on the pitch if I was annoyed. 

“I will only complain about one thing: he didn’t let me play in the Champions League Final. If I had come on, I would’ve scored. I felt it.

Inter Milan's Portuguese coach Jose Mour

“I had a fantastic rapport with everyone, including the [Inter Milan and AC Milan] Presidents, Massimo Moratti and Silvio Berlusconi. It was disastrous only with one… Brendan Rodgers.” 

Reports suggest that Liverpool will look to offload Balotelli this summer, however, the 25-year-old has expressed his desire to stay at Anfield.

“I hope to play at Liverpool next season. 

“Milan decided to leave me. There will certainly not be another Mario’s back again moment there.”